Metal Review: Grimus | Omnicide (2013)

Grimus OmnicideNew Jersey death metal beasts Grimus are back with their relentous aural assualt entitled “Omnicide.” If you have heard Grimus before, you will know that they are just about the personification of heavy. From the deep, guttural vocals straight from the bowels of hell to the razor sharp guitar riffs and precision blastbeat drum work, Grimus has everything that a death metal fan could ever dream up in their worst nightmares.

Grimus’ strength definitely lies in their musicianship with their song breakdown right behind. They take a pretty standard song and add these intense breakdowns that just intensify the songs that much more. If you need evidence, check out the last minute of Decimation. The end of the song breaks down to this anger-filled riff to close out the song.

Songs like I, Destroyer are very destructive songs with the power that they wield. The Hut of Extinction is yet another track that is strong, but only gets stronger as the closing breakdown comes at you.

Grimus will self-release “Omnicide” on June 25, 2013, so get yourself ready for the onslaught.

Omnicide Track Listing:
1. Without Master
2. Decimation
3. I, Destroyer
4. The Hut of Extinction
5. The Vulture
6. I.V.A.N.
7. Draped in Fear
8. Cradled by Misfortune
9. Within Isolation

Grimus Line-up:
Bryan Martinez – vocals
Marco Bobadilla – guitars
Michael Munoz – guitars
Michael Goncalves – bass/vocals
JP Andrade – drums