Metal Review: Graveyard of Souls | Shadows of Life (2013)

Graveyard of Souls Shadows of LifeSpain’s Graveyard of Souls is presenting us with their debut effort, “Shadows of Life,” a nine song collection of atmospheric melodic death / doom metal tracks that will satiate fans of bands like Paradise Lost and Tiamat. Get yourself ready for this release on June 29, 2013 on FDA Rekotz because it is a good one.

“Shadows of Life” begins with the obligatory brief intro not adding any substance to the album, but from the second that the title track, Shadows of Life, hit you, you will understand why I am in love with this album. Shadows of Life has so many intricate guitar riffs and the raspy vocals are a perfect compliment to the exquisite, doom rhythm riffs.

Dreaming of Some Day to Awake is all about the atmosphere and has such a nice verse structure separated by some sweet melodic guitar lines. Another nice atmospeheric piece is Solitude’s My Paradise with its progressive elements.

Dead Earth is a track that has a little bit of everything from an incredible atmosphere to a nice groove with its upgraded tempo, which is the opposite of the album’s closing track, There Will Come Soft Rains, which is an inspirational, beautiful track with all of its melodic guitar lines and layers.

Overall, Graveyard of Souls will be giving us a nice doomy death metal release that you should check out.

Shadows of Life Track Listing:
1. Genesis
2. Shadows of Life
3. Dreaming of Some Day to Awake
4. Memories of the Future (We Are)
5. Follow Me
6. Mad World
7. Solitude’s My Paradise
8. Dead Earth
9. There Will Come Soft Rains