Metal Review: FaithXtractor | The Great Shadow Infiltrator (2013)

FaithXtractor The Great Shadow InfiltratorCincinnati brotherly duo of vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer Ash Thomas (THE VLADIMIRS, CRUCIFIED MORTALS, ESTUARY, ex-THORNS OF THE CARRION, etc) and guitarist/vocalist Marquis Thomas (THE VLADIMIRS, ex-THORNS OF THE CARRION) sophomore effort, “The Great Shadow Infiltrator,” is a pretty intense collection of classic death metal sounds and elements merged together for a very nice release.

The Eye at the Divide offers a catchy chorus and even some nice lead guitar work. The almost thrash metal style feel of it is a nice shifting of sounds in the middle of the album. Freedom Conditional is a tuned down assault on the ears with a faster tempo than most of the album and some great dual vocal work.

The opening tracks from “The Great Shadow Infiltrator” are more of a mixed bag of heart-pounding, classic death metal riffs while the second half of the album shows FaithXtractor put more of their own spin on things. It seems as is the second half of the album is really FaithXtractor unchained just trying things out, and I like it.

Overall, FaithXtractor brings us a nice surprise with “The Great Shadow Infiltrator,” which just makes another nice death metal release for 2013. Keep them coming.

The Great Shadow Infiltrator Track Listing:
1. The Beast Holographic
2. The Six Knives of Redshield
3. Earth to Anvil
4. In All Forms Reptilian
5. Third and Final
6. The Great Shadow Infiltrator
7. The Eye at the Divide
8. Freedom Conditional
9. With Cold Calculation
10. Coffle
11. Shackling the Long Usurped

FaithXtractor Line-up:
Marquis Thomas – guitars/vocals
Ash Thomas – vocals/guitars//bass/drums