Metal Review: Circle of Silence | The Rise of Resistance (2013)

Circle of Silence The Rise of Resistance

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German power metal band Circle of Silence is back with their fourth release, “The Rise of Resistance,” and they seem to be back with a vengeance. The band has tightened their sound a little, but are still offering the same brutal riffs as previous releases. The guitar duo of Tobias Pfahl and Christian Sommerfeld are up to their old tricks and vocalist Niklas Keim continues his vocal rampage of clean vocals with a little edge to them.

Blood of Enemies starts off innocently enough with a clean opening, but quickly progresses into a speed frenzy with razor sharp guitar riffs. Eyes of Anarchy and An Oncoming Storm are speedy tracks with a lot of thrash metal tendencies. One Moment of Gate, while not my favorite song of the album, does have a very nice lead section with some exquisite lead guitar licks.

The third track, Nothing Shall Remain, is one of the best on the album. It begins with a melodic opening and turns into one of the heaviest riffs on the album. The chorus is also uber-catchy.

Overall, “The Rise of Resistance” is a very noble effort with lots to get happy about. I could also use me some thrash riffing, so bring it on and I will accept it.

The Rise of Resistance Track Listing:
1. Blood Of Enemies
2. Eyes Of Anarchy
3. Nothing Shall Remain
4. One Moment Of Hate
5. An Oncoming Storm
6. Mind Conspiracy
7. In The Absence Of Your God
8. We Rise
9. The Final Chapter
10. Slave To The Greed Machine
11. Reborn From Darkness
12. The Architect Of Immortality

Circle of Silence Line-up:
Bass РBj̦rn Boehm
Vocals – Niklas Keim
Guitar – Tobias Pfahl, Christian Sommerfeld
Drums – Peter Suppinger