Metal Review: Chthonic | Bu-Tik (2013)

Chthonic Bu-Tik

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In 2011, Taiwanese extreme metal band Chthonic brought us “Takasago Army,” which had a militant theme. In 2013, they are back with “Bu-Tik,” which also explores militant themes, but focuses primarily on “an armed body and mind.” Based on the ultra-cool album cover, you can see a visual reference of that.

With each passing release, Chthonic seems to be more eager to shed their black metal shell as they drift further away from that sound. With “Bu-Tik” being their third release, their sound has changed quite drastically since their inception, much maligned to their early fans.

After a brief intro into the album, we get to Supreme Pain for the Tyrant, which is a full display of pretty much everything that Chthonic brings to the table from razor-sharp riffs to anger-filled harsh vocals to beautiful female vocal accompaniment. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, this is also one of the longer tracks on the album.

Sail Into the Sunset’s Fire is a really nice song with a little more rage and desperation. The speed ramps up just a touch as does the energy.

Overall, “Bu-Tik” is a more polished release by Chthonic and blends many elements rather nicely. I am enjoying it quite a bit, but it gets a little too repetitive from track to track for my tastes. I like a little more variety, but I am still giving this one high marks because it is well worth it.

Bu-Tik Track Listing:
01. Arising Armament (Intro)
02. Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
03. Sail Into the Sunset’s Fire
04. Next Republic
05. Rage of My Sword
06. Between Silence and Death
07. Resurrection Pyre
08. Set Fire to the Island
09. Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace
10. Undying Rearmament (Outro)