Metal Review: Brutus | Behind the Mountains (2013)

Brutus Behind the Mountains

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Scandinavian quintet Brutus is back with their sophomore effort, and first release with Svart Records, “Behind the Mountains.” The album is self-described as a “beer-dripping blues rock” sound and they are not too far off the mark with that description. It will be getting a June 14, 2013 release date, so keep your eyes out for this one.

The album is indeed bleeding blues riffs throughout pretty much every song, the most evident of which is the mellow Blue Pills. The crunchy guitar sound is coupled with some nice blues riffs which work very well together. Other songs like Square Headed Dog pay heavy homage to Ozzy Osbourne’s mid-era Black Sabbath with the riffs and even the vocals at times.

Tracks like Mystery Machine are drenched in stoner metal riffs and grooves that work so well together. There is nothing that detracts from the music. The guitars are doing just what they need to and the vocals are adequate for their style of music.

Overall, if you are into bands like Kyuss, you will really get into Brutus’ “Behind the Mountains,” so enjoy it.