Metal Review: Ashes of Tyranny | Shrine (2013)

Ashes of Tyranny ShrineGarnett/Ottawa, Kansas based band Ashes of Tyranny have released their debut EP “Shrine.” With the release of their debut effort, we get to hear a lot of promise from this young band. Vocalist Jamison Brummel has a unique voice that works very well with the style of music that the band if playing and Brummel’s guitars, along with lead guitar player Adam Caylor, have a sharp tone that works with what the band is doing.

Ashes of Tyranny employs of a rock-style feel to their music relying on nice riffs and melodic vocals to make the songs successful. Songs like the title track, Shrine, also show that the band has some nice chops on the guitar as well. Songs like Demolition Man and The Rag Man mix in nice catchy elements to the music with the latter displays a few more heavier elements in the breakdown and nice harmonized guitar work.

Overall, for a debut effort, “Shrine” is successful and should be checked out. I am sure that the sound is not for everyone, but they are definitely worth a listen to see if it works for you.

Shrine Track Listing:
01. Demolition Man
02. Shrine
03. The Rag Man
04. Start the Flood
05. Satisfy
06. For You
07. Suffer
08. Deathbringer

Ashes of Tyranny Line-up:
Dave Miller – Bass
Josh Wight – Drums
Adam Caylor – Guitars (lead)
Jamison Brummel – Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)