Metal Review: Ancient Crypts | Devoured by Serpents (2013)

Ancient Crypts Devoured by SerpentsAncient Crypts may seem like a new band, but this Chilean death metal band includes veterans of the genre from such revered bands as Unaussprechlichen Kulten and Invincible Force. On July 15, 2013, they will be releasing the EP “Devoured by Serpents” through Iron Bonehead Productions, the follow-up to 2012’s promo CD.

From taking a glimpse at the artwork to “Devoured by Serpents,” I had a feeling that I would be into this band. The artwork itself has a classic look to it where they are already setting the mood that the album will put us in. With the strike of the first chord, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Ancient Crypts takes us down to the depths of hell with a dirty, grimy, evil sound not present in most bands today.

The band weaves in and out of classic death metal style riffs as the vocals seem to be shouted out by Satan himself. My two favorite tracks from this four song EP are the middle two, Between the Mortuary Remains and the title track, Devoured by Serpents. These songs rely on the power of the riff to continue to paint the bleak portrait that the album cover already set us up for.

And if you think that Ancient Crypts is a one-trick pony, you would be wrong. They can crank it up and slow it down with the best of them as evidenced with the closing track, Procession to Nyarlathotep. The final track is simply the soundtrack of someone’s trip down River Styx with its evil twists and turns and tempo changes.

Just do yourself a favor and pick up  Ancient Crypts’ “Devoured by Serpents” next month. You will thoroughly enjoy this evil feast.

Devoured by Serpents Track Listing:
1) Deep Into the Ancient Crypts
2) Between the Mortuary Remains
3) Devoured by Serpents
4) Procession to Nyarlathotep