June’s Top 10-The 10 reasons why the new Black Sabbath cd and tour should never be supported…


This month’s top ten was originally supposed to be different, till I heard the new Black Sabbath cd. I think of myself as a huge Sabbath fan. I am so sick of being a fan of certain bands and they put out such half assed and hearted shit that is why downloading is so popular. Let’s be honest, Ozzy has not released a good cd since what No More Tears. Then the word came out about Bill Ward not doing it, I knew then what this cd was all about: greed. I, like a lot of you guys decided to bite the bullet and buy the cd just for what their history means to me. I will say right now, Chinese Democracy is more of a Black Sabbath cd than this garbage. This sounds like another bad Ozzy solo record. I am just shocked we did not get a new version of Perry Mason. If this is a sign of what is coming from my other heroes Led Zeppelin, I am begging just do the tour no new music. So, this month’s top ten is the ten reasons you should not support this piece of shit and just go back to the early stuff.

10. All of a sudden that Disturbed reunion looks so fucking promising.

9. Next up Ozzy is going to do yet another retirement tour, and lead to yet another retirement cd of just pure bullshit crap that the Ozz machine knows way to well.

8. God Good Charlotte is a more respected band than what Sabbath has turned out to be. Shit, Metallica should let Lou Reed front them and open for Sabbath.

7. If they do Ozzy solo stuff on this tour, they have to let Geezer get Clark on stage and Burton and do some GZR stuff as well. That may make this lifeless show pop somewhat.

6. All of a sudden that Van Halen comeback record does not sound that bad, shit VH3 is a classic compared to this Sabbath record. Tattoo anyone?

5. The opening night of the first show, it would be so cool if the crowd broke into a chant of wanting to hear Trashed.

4. Ozzy was pissed that a rumor broke that Bill Ward is going to drum for Cathedral, the true Sabbath of this age.

3. Robert Mason knew the Warrant gig would not pay his bills and begged Ozzy to do this tour so he can sing for Ozzy again behind the curtains.

2. Ozzy only did this record so he can book a tour with Nickleback, so he can pass them the torch as the next Sabbath.

and the number one is…..drum roll…

1. Ronnie James Dio is dead and that was the night that any class that Sabbath had ever, died as well.