Havok: Download New Single Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death

Havok Unnatural Selection

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Thrash metal band Havok has released a single for Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death off of their upcoming third full-length release, “Unnatural Selection.” Their label, Candlelight Records, has made the single available as a free download and streaming at their official Bandcamp page.

Unnatural Selection” will get released on June 25, 2013 in North America via Candlelight Records.

Unnatural Selection Track Listing:
01. I Am The State
02. Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death
03. It Is True
04. Under The Gun
05. Waste Of Life
06. Untitled
07. Chasing The Edge
08. Worse Than War
09. Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath cover]
10. Unnatural Selection