WWE Extreme Rules-Preview and Predictions-James picks


This weekend WWE are giving us Extreme Rules, and I have to say looking at this card it really looks solid. A lot of us WWE fans were frowning when Dolph got his concussion and it cost us a match that on paper looked like a show stealer as Dolph defended the World belt against Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat ladder match, but WWE made up for it big time. Let’s review this card and talk wrestling.

-John Cena vs. Ryback in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship.
I said in my Wrestlemania preview and predictions that WWE are heading towards Cena vs Ryback after the Rock does his exit, I never thought it would be a role reversal with Ryback as the heel. I for one knew when Punk took his leave to heal, that the talent pool for contenders for Cena as a face would be hard to find a match up that we fans have not seen done to death. I felt Cena should have taken the heel turn, and made his character feel fresh and at least try to give us another dimension. Ryback getting into this fight seems so dumb, he is now being played as this coward who runs from The Shield but claims he is some kind of bad man. This match just feels like we have seen it before, and does not really seem important. They are playing this angle in two ways, either Cena loses because he is so hurt and that Ryback will be this coward champ who takes advantage of his opponents before the match to guarantee his win or that Cena is going to pull off one of those Superman performances and stop Ryback. To be honest whoever wins does not matter to me one bit. If Cena wins, I am feeling that we are heading towards a Brock feud again. If Ryback wins, we will get rematches until Summerslam till Punk comes back and excites the picture again. I just do not see right now with WWE trying to capitalize on their product that they would not keep Cena with the belt.
Winner and still Champion-John Cena

-Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar in a cage match.
I have to be honest; I hated both matches these two have had so far. This to me feels more of a feud for HHH’s ego more than trying to keep Brock looking strong. It is no secret that as Vince McMahon approaches 70 soon that the WWE will be run by HHH and Stephanie, but right now they are building stars in such a pathetic way that for every one concept that works like The Shield, there are 15 that are failing or being buried. What does HHH have to gain by winning? I mean he has made it known that he wants to stick to the business end of the WWE, so you know Brock has to win. God, my only hope is that this is the last match we get out of these two. How pathetic that Brock has now wrestled in what 3 matches and lost two of them. Hopefully he can go 50 percent and win number 4. What a wasted opportunity with the streak and Lesnar at WM. Horrible booking.
Winner-Brock Lesnar

-Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a Texas Tornado match for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

This could be the sleeper match of the night along with Ambrose vs Kofi. The Shield right now is looking every bit as a threat, but I feel that this is starting to hurt them more than help. I am not saying they should be jobbed out, but it is getting a little too built up to know that there is not much for them to do as a three piece. So, this tag team match is a good little switch. Rollins to me is a star, I mean in ROH Tyler Black was consider the HHH of the promotion where every critic was silenced and people were buzzing about the what if’s. What if Tyler Black took on the golden boy of ROH from the early part of the last decade Bryan Danielson? What if Tyler took off to WWE? Well this Sunday like in the past few months both of those questions will be answered. Daniel Bryan is so over, and to see him job time after time and have no damage is just a shock to show you that people will not give up on him. This tag team of Hell No has to end, it made Kane feel important for the first time in a long time, but it also has done its time and Bryan needs to go get involved in the title picture with Dolph. I think the era of justice starts this Sunday, and to be honest..I would love to see them defend all the titles as a three piece where all three hold all the titles together.
Winner and new Tag Champs-The Shield

-Mark Henry vs. Sheamus in a strap match.
This match is another one that looks really good on paper. I am a huge mark for Henry, and I love this Hall of Pain deal he has been doing for a while now. I think Sheamus and Henry will give us a hell of an outing. As far as who will win, I think Henry needs the win if Cena retains because it gives us another contender. Sheamus has other feuds that he seems to be tethering on, like Orton if he goes heel or Dolph’s title. Henry has the most to gain, and Sheamus would lose nothing in defeat. Which makes me think they will do us different on the ending.

-Randy Orton vs. Big Show in an Extreme Rules match.
Like Cena, Orton has been teasing a heel turn for a while now. Orton’s character seems to have run his course, and Big Show to me is still a threat to the world title of Cena. I think Big Show should win, but I know Orton will. I mean what does Big Show have to gain out of winning, that he does not already have going for him? And what does Orton have to gain or lose if he takes the job? I feel if Orton loses it makes so much sense as to start this descent into heel full speed ahead. They really need to pull that trigger on Orton just to give him a reason to turn on Cena and go after the title.
Winner-Big Show

-Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Championship.
Somewhere right now behind their computer is a million marks bitching about why Jay Moxley has not become a champ yet. When Jay became Dean Ambrose, the internet was very vocal and all thought he would become another tool in the WWE. Instead the opposite happened and he is coming across like a star, and that everyone in the locker room are grooming him for the main events. The Shield gimmick is starting to run its course, and I feel this title win will break him out and get him in the bigger picture. The powers that be, they will never pull the trigger on people like Kofi, Wade or Antonio to do main events, but you know that trigger is itching to be pulled asap on Dean. This time next year, he is going to be a huge deal, much bigger than right now. Kofi just does not seem to be in good graces with management, they push him, they take it back, they push, and they take it back. After a close to what 6 to 7 year run, he has yet to be in any main event PPV match or even getting world shots unless it is a jobber match and he is the jobbed one. Kofi will be lying down once again. Oh well, at least you made the dance kid.

Winner and new US Champ-Dean Ambrose, and the internet is going to crash…..

-Chris Jericho vs. Fandango.
I love when things backfire. You had to know that to see Fandango get so over was something that all backstage were pissed about. They wanted to create this Honky Tonk Man type of heel, and then the Raw after Mania happened and he took off huge. McMahon is one of those people who think he knows more than the fans, so do not expect him to follow the fans and turn Fandango face or even get him to try and win people over. The heel act for Fandango once his song got over felt stupid and just lame. This match interests me because Jericho is now talking like he is sick of the fans and Fandango on the other hand is sort of fighting his popularity. I like the Fandango gimmick to a point, but to see the crowd get into it is just priceless. Unlike ROH and ECW who always catered to the masses, WWE always seems to know it is on the cutting edge and dictates what to like and dislike, right Ryder. I feel this match is to punish Fandango for not getting the fans to stop this silliness.
Winner-Chris Jericho

-Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger in an I Quit match to become No. 1 contender to the World Hvt. Championship.
The last few weeks these two have put on quite the show and I am actually sort of looking forward to this match. I feel Swagger in recent weeks has been improving and starting to feel a little more confident in this role. Del Rio has shown if you give him quality opponents he can wrestle and give a great match, I feel this match will be solid just for the fact that Del Rio will be saying I quit.
Winner-Jack Swagger

-The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes in the free preview match.
I think this match is going to be fast and to the point, but if they had more time to wrestle these two could really deliver a great match. I hate that this PPV does not have more talent like a Wade Barrett, Antonio, and others that really need the shine to be on more PPV’s and get more wins under their belt to keep the future of WWE moving in a positive way. About this match, you know they have to that friendly opening that the fans pop for, so Miz will be over.
Winner-The Miz