Wrestling Review-YouShoot DDP


Sean Oliver has this reputation these days with wrestling purists as being one of the best interviewers on this planet. His mix of humor and intelligence puts his guests at ease and lets them open up and speak. Youshoot is a series that fans get to submit the questions to a guest and Sean reads it to a guest. In addition Sean also gives little segments like Ho Bag, where he names off women in the business or just celebrity and the guest tells us if they are a bitch, cool or a ho. Then Sean offers what they call a dick bag, where he throws out names of guys and if they are cool they are safe, if not they are a dick and we may get some knowledge as to why. In addition to all that fun, we usually get what’s in the bag where Sean pulls out questionable things and the guest says what comes to mind first or who. These little segments to me are the high point of the shoot interview, where I know most fans want knowledge and stories; I am more into the dirt and the mudslinging aspect. You can say I like the drama, well this month is a little different. We have Sean talking to DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. If you are familiar with him he has been around the sport for a long time with his stints in the AWA managing Bad Company, WCW for over a decade, WWE for a few years that killed his career badly, and a drink of water in TNA. One thing you know for sure watching this shoot interview is that Dallas loves to talk, and talk a lot. It seems though that Dallas talks a lot in circles, like he is trying to be too positive and not really wanting to burn bridges or start online fights with other people. I respect that to a degree but you just feel watching this shoot that Dallas is working us a little, that he may not be so honest. Gone this episode is the Ho Bag, Dick Bag and all the mudslinging. Instead we get Dallas going on and on about stuff that most of us already knew or just did not care to know.

This felt a lot like the Dixie Carter shoot where the questions were a little mild, now there was that one or two questions that were a little tempting to spill some beans but the rest of the questions felt protective. He does sort of come clean about his divorce with Kimberly, and shines light on the rumors of wife swapping, but those topics he was not so talkative about. But, when it came to topics that could put him or his yoga over he was mouthy and went on and on. When it came to Rob Zombie, he went on and on. This shoot while it was not a bad one, it was not exactly a shoot. Bob Holly was a shoot, Shane Douglas those are youshoot dvds thru Kayfabe Commentaries that you have to see and hear. This like the Kevin Nash shoot is just tame and feels like they are really holding back. The shock to this not much was talked about on his ill fated run with TNA. He did shine some light on that horrible Undertaker stalking angle. Why would DDP even care about Sarah, did you see Kimberly Page? That is like driving a Porsche and wanting to trade it in for a beat up Volvo with a flat tire. Dallas is a good talker, an excellent sales person but I just feel he is way too positive and connected in the business to ever do a legit shoot. All in all, this is not a must have but it was passable.

6 out of 10