Music Review-Tristania-Darkest White


01. Number
02. Darkest White
03. Himmelfal
04. Requiem
05. Diagnosis
06. Scarling
07. Night on Earth
08. Cathedral (limited-edition bonus track)
09. Lavender
10. Cypher
11. Arteries

Mariangela Demurtas (vocals)
Kjetil Nordhus (vocals)
Anders Høyvik Hidle (guitar and vocals)
Ole Vistnes (bass and backing vocals)
Gyri Losnegaard (guitar)
Einar Moen (keyboards)
Tarald Lie (drums)

Review-Tristania is one of those bands that I am supposed to love. They have a lot of creative ideas that have now become the norm for them like for example they boast three lead singers, and to make it even more interesting they also have one backing vocalist. They have the goth female who has that sultry voice, that you can almost picture her in some sultry dress trying to get the guys to pay attention. They have the Peter Steele inspired goth vocalist who really sounds like he is auditioning for Type O. They have the aggressive male vocalist who wants to show people that this band has metal cred. So what is the problem with this band and their music? It just sounds like everyone else, and just like a band whose only reason to exist is to keep following the leaders, and try to get some fans to fall into their shadow. This band has been making music for so long that you think they would know that they should make more of a dent in the music industry and today’s fan. This cd is not the way to do it. Let’s talk about the positives, there are some really decent songs on here but what starts off good with this band, takes a turn midway thru the song and loses all steam by the ending. Case in point is the track Diagnosis, this song with the goth vocals and the riffs to start were so good and really got my attention, to the male crooning that does not fit in comes into the song and basically takes it over. This band has too many cooks in the kitchen and that philosophy ruins the songs and their structure. No one wants a heavy song to go soft especially when they are getting into it. Much less stay soft and finish almost weak. Songs like Scarling and Himmelfall are decent enough, but they are nothing you have not heard from them before.To me I think they should stick with Vibeke, she has the better range of the three of them. Like Ashes, this cd is also such a slow tempo at times that comes across as a band that thinks it is better than they are vibe. This band really need to chill on the breakdowns in their songs and stick with one pace throughout and maybe think of sticking with a more heavy feel like the opening of Number. All in all, if you dig the band you will dig this cd as well; it is more of the same that their fans are used to. If you are like me and love the metal scene, a few decent songs do not make me want to spend money on a cd.

5 out of 10

  • May

    That review made me laugh. Really.