Music Review-Peccadilloes-Ten Years … A Million Beers


Coming June 25th from Squidhat Records

Review-A year ago I reviewed a cd by this band called The Dirty Panties, and I discovered this genius on the Vegas scene named Allan Carter who runs this label called Squidhat Records. Squidhat is this indie label that is out to show people that Vegas has a punk scene that can rival the grunge scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s from Seattle. The one thing I have noticed about this label is that they get what punk rock is all about. In August last year, I was turned on to a band called The Gashers, and of all the cds I ever reviewed this was a first, where I gave the cd a 9 out of 10 which is an A basically and I felt I was too harsh on the cd, and it deserved better. The Gashers are this punk band that has a catchy sound, and all three members of the band rotate the vocal duties. Well, before the Gashers came to light, there was this little band called the Peccadilloes. Well this upcoming month Squidhat is re-releasing two discs from the early days. Chaos Show and Rumor Control, which is the early stages, or baby steps of this band that America should have discovered by now named The Gashers. Both cds share one thing, this is just fun music. This is turning it up loud and sing-a-long punk anthems. This band attacks everything from minimum wage to society, and Sandy takes front stage on the cds with her vocal delivery that I feel is so underrated. Storm Shadows to me is that breakthrough song that if it played on modern rock radio could catch on. While I really enjoyed the Gashers debut record more, I cannot deny how awesome this form of catchy sing-a-long punk is on these two records is. If you are fans of The Gashers, you will enjoy this cd. If you never heard of the Gashers, think about them as a three piece band that sounds like if punk was coming back from the underground. This is a cd that you put in and you are sitting there, getting into the songs and not even realizing it and then when it is over, you are still thinking about the songs. This was a good little present waiting for the next Gashers cd.

8 out of 10