Music Review-Intronaut- Habitual Levitations


01. Killing Birds With Stones
02. The Welding
03. Steps
04. Sore Sight For Eyes
05. Milk Leg
06. Harmonomicon
07. Eventual
08. Blood From A Stone
09. The Way Down

Review-Intronaut is one of those bands that each release they go into a new direction. Now when I say go into, I do not mean like bits and pieces, I mean drastically delve into. This cd is what you would expect maybe from Helmet or Hum at this point of their existence if they are still putting out music, but not a band that was once known for extreme fast paced hyper metal. This band went from trying to kill you with their hammering and destroying, to putting out mood music to a point that you would think you are listening to some old school Prog band. Songs like Milk Leg with the guitars and drums, you would assume that the band still has the old school Intronaut notebook out how to play hard and heavy, but then the vocals kick in and they sound like maybe Meshuggah meets Godflesh if it jammed with Helmet. This cd for people who have stuck with this band will be very happy to see this band is still evolving and growing, but I just feel as good as the music is that this band is just not comfortable with their sound are always questioning it and trying to throw more and more into the musical stew. Sacha is one of those vocalists that it is really hard to figure out what inspires his delivery, but he seems to be happy with this soothing and comforting vocal performance that they are going to keep going further and further away from their roots. This is a band that is out to keep evolving and throwing us the fans a curve ball, but each cd they have put out has been just as good if not better than the last release, the one thing is for sure no matter what they sound like, the cd will be a winner. And with this cd it is elevator to hell music that will make the listener uneasy and very nervous as to what is coming in the next song.

8.5 out of 10