Music Review-High Priest of Saturn-High Priest of Saturn


1. Protean Towers (10:30)
2. Kraken Mare (9:06)
3. Crawling King Snake (9:01)
4. On Mayda Insula (12:49)

Review-I am blown away, I am absolutely blown away. High Priest of Saturn is a three piece band led by female vocalist Merethe Heggset whose singing style is going to really make a lot of people pay attention. The first thing you notice that there is only 4 songs, but this cd is almost 40 plus minutes long. This is a band that seems to be very into making the listener go on a journey with each song. This is not your typical song lyric, chorus and riff. This is well thought out, well-structured sonic journeys. The vocal delivery on this cd is different, Merethe does not try to go over the instruments or go all out she has a simple yet effective style. If you listen close enough to the songs you will hear that the band incorporate an organ into their sound. The organ really captures the vocals perfectly; it feels like a hand in a glove and just works so well.


This is an interesting mix of doom metal and just a beauty that you would not associate with this style of music. This sound comes across like the past psychedelic mixed with a fuzzy doom metal, and it just works. This is one of those cd that you know when you listen to it, it is something that you just feel one listen is not justice and you want to just listen to it more and more. This cd is haunting, fascinating and a must have. This cd should be on everyone’s must listen to list.

10 out of 10