Music Review-Blockheads-This World is Dead


1. Deindividualized
2. Already Slaves
3. Born Among Bastards
4. Final Arise
5. Bastards
6. Awaken
7. This World Is Dead
8. Hidden Terrors
9. All These Dreams…
10. Media Warfare
11. Be A Thorn To Power
12. Human Oil
13. Poisoned Yields
14. To The Dogs
15. Buenos Aires S.C.
16. Crisis Is Killing The Weak
17. Famine
18. Sell Your Flesh
19. Look Down
20. Take Your Pills
21. Digging Graves
22. Pro-Lifers
23. Follow The Bombs
24. Doctrine Of Assured Mutual Destruction
25. Trail Of The Dead

Line up
Xavier Chevalier (vocals)
Fred (guitar, background vocals)
Erik (bass, background vocals)
Nico (drums, backing vocals)

Review-Sometimes as a metal fan you just hear a cd or band for the first time and they just fit. Blockheads have been around the scene for a long time, but somehow I never heard any of their music till now. I know people have been crying about how grindcore metal seems dead since Nasum’s breakup and they refuse to listen to any of the newer bands that are trying to carry that banner. All I have to say is that Grind is alive and well, and quite possibly this is that one cd that is here to help fans that fell off the bandwagon to jump back on again or new fans to discover this extreme metal that seems to be what made Relapse Records their name. As much as I am a fan of bands like Pig Destroyer and that ilk, I have to say that Blockheads may give them a run for the money in terms of power and intensity. One thing is for sure this is a brutal and I mean brutal hardcore record. This is the kind of record you play in the background when you have revenge sex on your ex. This world is indeed a very fucked up insane place and this record could be the soundtrack to the world’s demise. 25 songs in 40 minutes, you know going into this cd what you are going to get: and that being just in your face intensity, with a sound that comes across as hardcore grind with a vocal delivery that crosses the bounds of grind with punk. The production on this cd alone is jaw dropping, all the instruments are clear and not muddled or headache inducing like people associate with this kind of music. The drumming on this cd alone is worth listening to, what an insane madman. The guitars and bass just jump right out of the speakers in such a rain of power and fury. This cd has riffs, power and just so much attitude. This cd is from start to finish a hardcore grind fan’s dream; this cd is just non-stop and so fucking out of control. This cd sounds like the start of a riot. This is way beyond recommended, fans of Relapse Records and the bands they have on that label, you will dig the hell out of this cd.

10 out of 10