Music Review-A Pale Horse Named Death-Lay My Soul To Waste



01. Lay My Soul to Waste
02. Shallow Grave
03. The Needle in You
04. In the Sleeping Death
05. Killer by Night
06. Growing Old
07. Dead of Winter
08. Devil Came With a Smile
09. Day of the Storm
11. Cold Dark Mourning


Sal Abruscato – Vocals & guitars; Drums
Matt Brown – Guitars & backing vocals; Bass
Johnny Kelly – Drums
Eric Morgan – Bass guitar
Eddie Heedles – Guitars

Review-Talk about a cd that has a misleading start to it, when opening track Lay my Soul to Waste hits you think this is going to be a heavy affair, with the subliminal message and the scary voice sounding like a record going backwards. After that promising start you get a sludge safe southern alternative rock. The sound of this band sound like a cross between Failure and Marilyn Manson unplugged. I know Sal being in Type O may bring eyes to this band, but this cd is a minor letdown. While Shallow Grave is obviously a decent song, the song sums up this cd for the most part, it is a cd that is so familiar to the point that this band sounds like more of a bar band trying to play their idols music. The songs are just so slow and get so boring that live you just hope this band tries harder to incorporate some life into these lifeless songs. The lyrics and the musicianship is generic and just so cookie cutter that you can guess how the songs will start, play on and end. There are no shocks or surprises, beside the promising little opening that should have ignited this band to turn the amps to 20 and just go all out, instead of trying to think they are going to ignite a new grunge scene. Killer By Night is a catchy enough song that may get some attention, and after that song the band seems to get a little better and start to feel at ease. Still the music is predictable and the lyrics are so eye rolling, but they do have glimpses of talent that I hope the next release they sort of put a little power and experimentation into the fold.

4 out of 10