Movie(s) Review-Nikkatsu presents Female Teacher Hunting and She Cat


Review-Impulse Pictures is back with more Nikkatsu. If you are not sure what Nikkatsu, put that word in our search engine and you will be a little more familiar. The world has changed so much that today are we even offended by what our children watch on television? Teen pregnancies are now the normal, whereas when I was kid it was almost like the Salem Witch Trials, where if a girl was pregnant she was scared to go to school and even worst she had a reputation that most of us did not mess with her because we did not want to be a daddy. I watch these films and think to myself that if I was younger say in my mid teens this stuff would seem like groundbreaking and shocking, but fuck when you watch the shit I do, how much can really shock you anymore? That being said, these films do try really hard to get a reaction from me, and most of the times they work. Female Teacher Hunting pretty much gives you what Nikkatsu made their name off of, the story revolves around a high school student who is accused of rape that was actually not rape. And while all this is going down a teacher falls in love with a married man, and we all know how that can turn out in this story. Like all the films in this series this story teeters on sexuality mixed with so much melodramatic energy that you know the film will basically revolve around females who take a bad situation or questionable one, and try to rise above it or show that they are on par with men. One thing is for sure with these films, they paint Tokyo in a very perverted light. That there is this underbelly of men, whether it be business men or whatever walk of life and they are into cheating, rape or anything sick and demented. Which makes me think I may need to book a flight soon to go and see if this culture exists. This film is I guess their take on an American classic; they have the young lovers who are in deep with a rape scandal and forced to break away. The teacher stuff is pretty intense, but keep this in mind you get all the blur sex scenes of actual penetration and so forth. The love making scenes were done in a tasteful way, well tasteful for them at least. The sex and violence in this film are too realistic and may turn off some viewers and make other sickos turned on, like me at times. This film is the most emotional I have seen from them yet, and by the end I was kind of glad that I watched this. The transfer for this was incredibly crisp and sharp.

8 out of 10

She Cat is another one of those Nikkatsu that gives us a complex story that requires more than nudity or violence. It just seems that in the last few months with the Nikkatsu stuff I been watching that the emotional range has really tested the patience of the viewer somewhat, but really shows you if you are the audience for it that the actors can do more than fuck, suck, get pissed on or be a rape victim. This film focuses on Dr. Mineko “ Cat” Kagami who is an OB/GYN with a very questionable past. In the days prior she fell in love or lust who knows with a son of a politician. The guy was a womanizer, who juggled women like some kind of perverted circus clown. Well after that ended, our Dr. is now in a relationship with a female fellow doctor named Kotoe whose intentions may be different than hers. We find out that Kotoe has links to Cat’s past and connections with some shady people as well. Like the review early what you have is different elements trying to exist in a Pinky feature, that may send some fans running in favor of a more graphic sexually with little story and more bend on the perversions. What the main problem with this film is they try to tackle too much and softens up the adult material that most of us watch these films for. You have twists and turns, and so many different things going on that this film is just a mess by the end that is more confusion then stimulation. The film has its moments and can be viewed by most fans as a sellout film or crossover attempt which is fair. All in all, this was fairly watchable but be warned this is not your parents Nikkatsu.

5 out of 10