Movie-This Girl is Badass


Review-When I first saw the title of the film and read the synopsis only one thing came to mind. Think about this, a remake with Ronda Rousey, like Haywire for Gina Corano talk about a future project that screams her name. That is the future or never at all, so let’s talks about this film. Say what you will about Jeeja Yanin, she truly lives up to the title of the film; she is a true bad ass. The film was written and directed by Mum Jok Mok who was the costar of Ong Bak and made his reputation as a comedian in his native Thai. And that is where the first problem with this film lies, is that if do not understand Thai the jokes seem flat or just stupid. Even with the subtitles, it just seemed like it tried way too hard to be a blend of comedy and action, when it clearly should have attempted one and forsaken the other, which we will discuss. The story is basically your typical film like this which involves a young orphan who is a drop dead lovely tomboy, raised by her uncle who used to be a mobster who is now working for his video store. As she grows up she gets a job as a bike messenger, she delivers this powder that we are to assume may be drugs. Well, Jakkalen is trying to rip off the mob while playing rival gangs against each other. Beside that story there is a side story of a dude who falls for her but is not in her league while she is in love with a musician, which is her first crush. To go more in depth about this film would be unfair because it is so spoiler heavy and I would rather tell you right now the film are absurd and just eye rolling bad. The plot and story are so paper thin, that any of us could have written a way better script. Jeeja there is no doubt about it, she is a legit bad ass and her kickboxing talent is overly jaw dropping impressive, but the girl has zero acting ability or believability. This film excels in fighting and the action sequences but fails in the comedic and drama aspect of the film. I know the Thai audiences have been known to support these little comic action films, and when they are done right they are really a blast, but this one is clearly a director who is way over his head and not sure what he wanted to make. She moves around like the next gen of Jackie Chan in his heyday, but she just needs more help with her range and maybe get a better script to work with. All in all, the fighting and action sequences are a hit with me; the rest of this film is just a total miss. You get a fair amount of fighting, enough to at least make you curious if you should get this on a rental. I am now going to hold out for the Rousey remake, that I hope happens because this role and film is tailor made for her, and I feel she has that “ it” factor that could make this film work.

4 out of 10