Movie Review-Visible Scars


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Review-Visible Scars is this indie horror thriller that a lot of people have really praised. I mean according to the press release this film won the Best Picture award at last year’s Shockfest, which I guess means something to someone? So that is a lot of word of mouth going into a film and may raise the expectations, but this film I have to research this Shockfest and see what this film competed against to win. Now, I am not saying this film is so bad or horrible; it is just not what I was expecting from all this praise. The film to me works best in the first twelve minutes, because the script was so bad and acting, that it was fun. Tom Sizemore starts this film as some living in the middle of nowhere psycho choking out a hooker after sex and abducting her two twin daughters who were a few months old. As you can guess the film will center on the two girls basically who in the first few minutes have these god awful wigs on with this even worst dialogue, which again worked for me. Sizemore made this comment to his wife, “My dick is for feeding, not breeding so enjoy our new kids”. Well as the opening half goes on, the two girls who are locked in the basement and fed human body parts start to play around and they burn the house on fire, and they make sure their dad is trapped inside. From there we fast forward and now a young girl named Stacy is looking to escape and decides to go on a trip into the middle of nowhere to her uncle’s cabin. From there, her abusive boyfriend and her other two friends decide to go looking for her and take off. Soon, all of them will be in the middle of nowhere with voices and something in the woods. This film is ok for what it was, it was not great but it was ok. The problems with this film right from the start are the pacing, this film moves at such a snail pace and gives us way too much dialogue that when you get to the gore you are expecting so much more than what they deliver. The acting for the most part is passable to a degree, but again this is a small budget film and they remind us a lot. The film has so many plot holes that do not make a lot of sense, like how did campers survive in the woods all this time, but now they are being haunted as opposed to all the years they were out there. What makes this moment so important? This film tries to throw a twist to you that they think you will fall for which I will not reveal but I will say, it did not matter one bit. The cardinal sin about this film which I am assuming they are setting up a sequel is that they ended this film during a scene which just felt weird to end this film like that. Would I watch this again? Yes, at least the first twelve or so minutes in the start, I loved that so much because Sizemore is just insane and he pulls it off perfectly, god this film should have had him in more of it.

6 out of 10