Movie Review-The Visitant


Review-The Visitant is the story about Samantha who as the film starts off we learn she is a fake fortune teller. She has this job as a means to pay her bills, and one day she gets more than she bargains for when a realtor named Lee comes to her needing her to get rid of a spirit who is haunting her. At first Samantha thinks this is just another day at the office so she does this fake ceremony to rid the spirit, but little does Samantha know that the spirit is now going to haunt her. The Visitant plays like a Lifetime weekly movie, now before you think anything negative about that comment; I will say that the film does have its moments. Like all paranormal films these days, this film is also a slow burn. But the interesting part of this film is when it is a slow burn in one area, it really gives you quite the story to keep you interested waiting for the scares. Samantha as we learn is a character that we thought we knew, as the film goes on and we peel back the many layers to this character we realize why she does what she does, and we actually feel sorry for her.
The film is basically a two person show for the most part, and that being Samantha and her friend Maya. They are either on the phone or on video chat for a large chunk of the film. Whereas Samantha does not think anything is wrong, Maya is a believer in the occult and all the paranormal stuff. The scares in this film are more psychological; they give you a glimpse or piece but want your mind to do the work. When they do give you a scare scene it is creative and works very effectively. The issues I had with this film is basically what I mentioned earlier, this film is a slow burn and so talky. This is dialogue and script heavy, and I am not saying the acting was bad but it just felt at times with some of the scenes they were going in circles. This film tried to create almost a haunted house feel to the background, and that was effective. Samantha for being alone has a house made for a family of 20, with at least 6 rooms and a few bathrooms. The film does play it smart in really keeping the audience or viewer guessing who the ghost can be, and even trying to throw us an interesting twist to the ending. I am assuming this film is PG-13 or even PG, because there was no bad language and the scares were of a safe level, where a kid can watch and not see more than a kid is supposed to. I think non horror fans could be more acceptable to this film than a horror fan. This film does inject little comic moments here and there that I felt did not try to be funny but came across as parody. The film kept my attention, and the last twenty minutes of this film justifies the slow burn. This film felt like a play or maybe reenacting a novel on television. I enjoyed this for the most part, but I would say I would not be fast to re-watch it. This may be worth a rental to those families that want a film for the whole family that is safe for any age to watch.

7 out of 10