Movie Review-Texas Chainsaw


Review-Texas Chainsaw is a film that wants to cash in on the popularity of the franchise but yet try to re-establish itself as something different. This is not your old school Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this is something a tad different but yet so deep in the formula of the franchise that it does have a lot of the same elements that we come to expect from Texas. The film opens up with a cliff notes view of the original film, where her friends are killed and Sally escapes the famous dinner table. The Hewitt clan is now named Sawyer and the film opens with that house and most of the family dying. The opening sequence seems inspired heavily by Devil’s Rejects which is funny because Zombie himself admits his films are inspired by Texas Chainsaw and Hooper’s original vision, he must be happy to know now the franchise is inspired by him. Well, a baby lives who will grow up to be Heather. Which is funny, the film supposedly takes place in present day but Heather is only 20? Shouldn’t she be 40, since they re-enacted the 70’s original to open the film. Well, Heather gets word that she inherited an estate in the middle of Texas; well she gathers her stereotypical friends and heads to see it. For sake of argument we can name her friends, woman who has no morals, black guy who acts like a stereotypical horror black guy, and nameless identity less guy who interjects a word into every 15 minutes he is on screen. On the way, they pick up a hitchhiker who within seconds they are so open up and welcome to him, the girl decides to change her shirt in front of him and two other guys in a van, and then they leave him to babysit the estate alone.

Texas Chainsaw is the type of horror film that serious fans know what to expect going into it. You just know how bad it can get and will get, and you accept it because you are a fan of the franchise. While it is nowhere near as bad as Next Generation or the Beginning, it is not a film to be praising either. The film on its positive has great gore, and some decent kills. There is a scene that involves a police officer and a cell phone that while it was predictable as all hell, was at least entertaining. But, this film from the awful script to the brain dead cast, this is a film that only a true diehard fan could actually watch and get thru without shutting it off. I was not a fan of the new I guess Leatherface, he looked like the door greeter at the Wal Mart in the middle of the night. He did not look scary or opposing. The finale which involves him and the locals who want to kill him was horrible, they made him like some kind of Popeye where he is getting his ass kicked and trying to get us to cheer him on and then when he gets his chainsaw it is like he ate spinach and has the strength of an army. This is the type of film that the younger generation will go see to try and get Leatherface to a new age. This is just the same basic formula we have seen time and time again, that does not seem to be improving, but yet people are still supporting it. At this point in Texas Chainsaw Massacre legacy, is there any more damage that can be done to really kill it anymore? All in all, great gore and very violent kills but there are not enough of those to recommend this film. This film had so many great possibilities and missed opportunities to try and turn it all around, while the cell phone scene was a minor hit, the carnival or fair scene was such a missed opportunity as was the little twist they threw at us half way thru that felt so awful and predictable. Oh well, the ending was proof that they are thinking on bringing this thru the long haul and building more and more on it. I really hope they stop or at least if you are going to make changes do not make them small, but make them to really stir it up and change it all.

4.5 out of 10