Movie Review-Struck by Lightning


Review-Hollywood is this big raging machine, that when you are hot, you are so loved by your peers and the roads are paved with candy canes and sugar plums, but when you fuck up unless you have something marketable that they can capitalize on and whore you out again, you are thrown away and forgotten. Right now, Glee has that issue: when it started, it was on fire and the world caught on, but now it is starting to lose more and more of its viewers, so the rats see this as a time to jump off the ship. Chris Colfer who is one of the selling points to Glee, I assume because I see his face on almost anything Glee, wrote this screenplay and is a star in this film. He plays Carson Phillips who as the film starts is killed by a bolt of lightning. That sounds like the way this film should end, but it opens because from there we get flashbacks how Carson had this scheme to get admission to Northwestern University. It seems that he has a lot he wants to do with his life like be a writer, editor and some kind of diplomat. Also we learn that he has this lust to break free from a small town named Clover. On the scenes that revolve around Carson’s school, he has all those clichés and stereotypical types. It seems that Carson views people as his stepping stones to fulfill his college plans, he also has them blackmailed into writing his magazine. His life outside of school seems clueless and so many people in denial, that it seems they were making a mockery of films past like most of these family dramas that Oscar loves. This film is praise worthy just for the simple fact that while it feels familiar, it rises above familiarity with its sense of depth the characters on screen generate and how the story falls into place. This film shows an eagerness to make a message about kids and young adults who feel the need to break away from family life and make their own way. It also shows us situations that some may endure that they have to stick around in the safety and comfort of the family nest, like responsibilities that people get weighed down by. The film shows us so many reasons in the start of the film why we should dislike Carson, he comes across as condescending, and then gets worst when he is manipulating others and acts like a spoiled jerk. As the film goes on we start to warm up to his character and by the end we find ourselves fans of his. This story is a fun little quirky comedy that really is so well written and acted, that you will find yourself deep into this film and not wanting this to end. All in all, I think maybe Glee should end so we can get more screenplays and films like this. What a pleasant shock.

8 out of 10