Movie Review-Stripped


Review-What expectations can you have when the movie is called Stripped and it is a direct to video title with little to no word or buzz going for it? I would be a complete idiot to hit that play button and expect this film to be anything more or less than what it will be, and that is either a rip off of a popular film or a very poor to average indie film. Stripped seems to be that film that only exists to get some people’s feet in the door and to have a resume build. This film centers on Graham and as the film opens we learn that it is his 21st birthday, and his brother and the stereotypical friends all go to Vegas for a spree. Also on this ride is Capri who just so happens hitches a ride with them to meet her love there. One of the friends just so happens has a rich father, (don’t we all) who gives them a very sweet place to stay along with a card that reads Paradise which is a stripper service. We learn that the motto of this service is to make everyone happy anyway possible, which I always thought was the main goal of any stripper. I mean I am not expecting a stripper to be on stage with her tampon string hanging out or having bumps all over her breasts and lips. Well the guys have to travel to meet these strippers, which I am not sure what planet any of you are on, if you have to travel to meet a stripper chances are you are in for something not too good. The chances of good coming out of this are the chances that you meet a stripper who is actually a struggling college student. This adventure leads them to a creepy warehouse, and the way you pay for the girls is in donations, organ donations. Now before you think this is going to be a gorefest, you are going to be so letdown. This film is such a slow and I mean slow-burn, as the characters are annoying and will more than likely have you wanting to shut off the television and being pissed for falling for the cover art work to the film. At 80 minutes, this film is too long. At 8 minutes this film would have felt too long. Picture if Hostel 3 was shot as a found footage film with a slow slasher like killer who tries to get you to jump or be scared, but comes across as a fucking joke. This film does not have one selling point to recommend it, and I should be pissed that I wanted to see it and knew ahead of time what I was getting into. If this film is being seen as a resume builder, I am hoping that as the films go on these guys all learn to be better and do better. This film is quite possibly the biggest waste of time you will experience outside of watching Teen Mom Farrah’s sex tape.

1 out of 10