Movie Review-Silver Case


Review-I will admit on record that I am a huge Eric Roberts fan. He is one of those talents that just eithers adds another layer of cheese to a film or really gives a great performance where people start all that comeback talk. But, every so often we gets film like Silver Case that are so bad, that you know Eric only did it for the payday, or to say he has a job. Silver Case is a film that suffers from an identity crisis and also a lack of heart, among many other things. The film centers on two characters one being Eric’s role as the Senator who is this powerful producer and his competition and arch rival a man known as the Master. The Senator has this plan to try and stop the Master, and it involves this silver case. As you can guess by the title of the film this case becomes a bigger part of the film when it goes missing and sets off a series of events that go with a case that goes missing or a plan that goes to hell. A film like this is an example of when a written idea should stay that. This film seems to tread on water we are very familiar with; it plays out like many other films we have seen many times in our life. The storyline is pathetic and should have been re-thought; the acting is pedestrian at best. It is like they were not even trying to be entertaining.

The film does have a few decent moments here and there but as a whole this film should be skipped. This film is like a kitchen of so many cooks that not one of them really knows the first thing about cooking. It is like they were basically trying to act their way out of each scene and over their heads in the next sequence. To be told this film is reminiscent of Tarantino is pure and plain a lie. Even his worst films were a million times better than this one, and that says a lot. This film must have let the stars improvise more than read off the page, and it shows if that was the case.

3 out of 10