Movie Review-Sadako 3D


Coming to Home Video on June 4th from Well Go USA

Review- Sadako is being seen as a way to breathe new life into the Ringu franchise. I wanted to just get that out of the way right in the start of this. It is not even close to giving us what the Ring or Ringu films delivered in terms of atmosphere and suspense, and even effectiveness. Now all that being said right from the start, if you go into this film with an open mind you may be entertained by this. “May” being the word that I feel the need to use, because there are elements of this film that are quite enjoyable and others that are really some of the same old stuff that we have seen over and over again. Sadako revolves around a school teacher who is haunted by some traumatic childhood ordeal in which she came close to being killed by a knife wielding man. Well, she lets out this scream that shatters glass and kills the attacker. Somehow she gets avoided and ignored by all the people her age, with the exception of this little boy who ends up in love with her. Fast forward to today and there is talk about a mysterious video that is circulating on the internet that is like a virus and forces people to commit suicide. When one of the kids in her class gets this fate, she is now trying to find out what is going on and see if she can stop it. I like how they modernize this concept, where the VHS tape days are over and now it is all online like some kind of Trojan. They seem to be trying how to keep the Ringu concept relevant for today’s audiences, and you just know that they are already lensing a sequel. I like The Ring, I would even go so far to say this film is quite possibly one of the top twenty horror films in the 00’s, and I loved the original as well but how much smoke does this franchise have to keep going and going. J Horror to me is just so past played out that I cannot get myself even excited anymore about watching anything that is part of this. In the last 9 months alone I have seen 15 J Horror films and they all seem alike. If you guys want to know if this film is scary, I will tell you this, some of the scares in this film are effective and when Sadako appears it is pretty cool and frightening for the most part. As this film plays on the scares created by her become less and less though, the more effective stuff is in the first half of the film. This film fails at times at trying to recreate the mood of the novels or the original films, and you can just tell he tries so hard to capture it but he ultimately comes up short. The film for the first hour is solid and recommendable, the final half hour of this film you just seem like you are seeing the bottom of the ocean as this ship is falling apart. The plot and horror elements in the final half are just so lazy and uninspired, you really get the feeling that they really got lost during the shooting and had no idea how to get the film back up to par from the first half. All in all, this was not a bad film, and if the last half hour was anything different, I would have been more praiseworthy, but all in all this film falls short and I would recommend the first half of the film but to tell all of you to turn off the television and take an educated guess as to what can happen next. You will not want to watch it unfold on screen just trust me on this one.

5.5 out of 10