Movie Review-Nightfall


Coming out this Tuesday from Well Go USA

Review-Nightfall is the latest stab at trying to recreate the old school crime thrillers. The sad thing I really wanted to love this film more than I did, but by no means is this film bad or horrible, it just falls short. This film tries to aim high and at times really fails on that promise and at others; it seems to really come close. The main problem with this film is that it has so many flaws, just basic storytelling flaws that really create such predictability that you can guess and see ahead of times all the twists and turns coming. The film starts off on such a high with a insanely intense vicious prison fight involving Wong. Wong is being beat up by a number of inmates in the shower but he manages to come back and kill them all with his bare hands and some lame weapon that could get any of us killed or raped trying to defend ourselves with it. We also learn as the film opens about two different murder cases that as the film goes on becomes part of the story. Well, we learn that Wong is being released after doing 20 years and the first thing he decides to do is spy on a child named Zoe, whose father Han is a celebrity opera singer. We learn that Han is a very abusive father and that he dislikes Zoe to talk to any guys because they are all evil. What I forgot to mention is that Han is a successful pianist and a famous celebrity in his native Hong Kong. Well, when he is found dead you can guess who the police think may be involved in this crime. This film has absolutely zero reality, and I understand that action films are supposed to be more fantasy based where we know that the stuff cannot happen, but this film almost asks you to just have an open mind and close your brain. Some of the acting sequences really deliver and others just simply are so farfetched that you just give up, like one person’s ability to evade an entire team of officers, and how heavily guarded places are never that easy to be able to get thru. But someone will say, well that is all action films but the acting in this film should have been so much better to help bring some reality into this film. This film tries so hard from the cable car fight to the momentum some of the sequences have, this film shows that it is trying to entertain the viewer and for the most part some of it really worked. But, the pacing of the film and direction of the film were so horrible. The lackluster feel of the built on suspense was such a kick in the stomach at times that it just fails to deliver a cohesive story. This is another one of those films that you feel by the last half of the film that all involved seemed to give up and just were happy to try and finish any way they could.

5.5 out of 10