Movie Review-Nailbiter



Before I start this review, I want to thank Lionsgate and Patrick Rea for giving Wicked Channel some cover love on the dvd.

“If Hitchcock was alive today, this is the film he would be putting out”

Plot-A mother and three daughters get caught up in a tornado and take shelter in a storm cellar. While trapped inside the cellar, they quickly discover that they are not alone.

Review-Patrick Rea, I first discovered thru his short films in August 2010.( If you have not seen a Patrick Rea short film, you are truly missing out on something amazing) This is a director who if The Twilight Zone was looking for ideas and fresh concepts they should call him up and fire up the series again. He is quite frankly one of the best new directors of 2012, with the film to beat in 2012. Patrick Rea is a very smart director, and he treats his audience with respect as well as the material. This is clearly a director, who knows his limits, but what he lacks in budget, he truly makes up for in old fashioned suspense and tension. They did not call this Nailbiter because the title was catchy. This film is definately the edge of your seat, what is that noise, how they will make it out alive nailbiter. Patrick Rea, is becoming the second coming of Alfred Hitchcock. And I will go one further, if Hitchcock was alive today and making films Nailbiter would be his latest creation. Like Hitchcock in his time, Rea is very familiar with what is what in the genre right now, and instead of caving in and succumbing to it, he is trying to revolutionize it and take old concepts and make them feel new. And with Nailbiter, Patrick Rea created a film that may not change the genre overnight but with any justice in this world of film, should put him on the map. To describe NailBiter would be like taking Rear Window and mixing it with the Descent. And that does not even begin to do this film justice. This film is so much more than a monster film, so much more than a suspense or family drama. This film is a masterpiece and should be on every critic and fans top ten lists in 2012 easily. This film has so many twists and turns, and even hints along the way that it makes the audience pay attention. From the mom and her three kids on the road to go pick up dad, to the girls trying and avoid the tornado to them being trapped in a cellar. This film just creates such a tension, that you just want to fast forward so bad to see where it is all leading to. But, that is the fun of this film. It is like a Christmas tree full of presents. Each one you get to just makes you crave the next one and next one. This film from start to finish had me entertained, from the script to the characters there is not one flaw in this film. This film deserves an audience. If Bravo puts out another ” Top 100 horror films of all time” show, like they seem to do once a year ( lord does number one film of all time change every time they do that show)this film should be on the list. This is Patrick Rea, wait till you guys see Nailbiter, and you will not be let down.

10 out of 10