Movie Review-Mutantz,Nazis, and Zombies (The Desecration Collection)


Review-I love Troma films, I really do. Tromeo and Juliet, Klown Kamp Massacre, Toxic Avenger and etc., they have had some amazing classics. But when you think hard about it, they have put their names on some really unwatchable and very bad amateur films that some of them may not be so amateur in terms of the talent behind the camera, but the finished product was. Talk about a label that has a very forgiving fan-base, why pick on them and not a Warner or Fox, is that while the track records can be similar, those other two are not preaching to be indie and for the fans. They are just money hungry multibillion companies that can give a damn what they give you to watch, because they know you will eat it all. Troma on the other hand is supposed to be the fan friendly label who thinks harder about what they put their names on, keep in mind those words supposed to be. This film was originally released around 4 years ago in Germany, and now is finally available in the US, and my advice is dear Germany please take your film back. The title and cover look like they are going to deliver you one thing, but this film does not even come close to giving you anything like that. This film is as fun as watching Lindsay Lohan get herpes while helping our society die a slow death. This is basically a two man show, and the names of the characters are creatively enough The Tall One and The Short One. To me they both qualify as the short bus ones. These two slackers go on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere in this forest for the sole purpose of getting wasted. After a very lame argument, the tall one almost by accident kills the short one. The Tall one decides to try and bury his friend and hide any proof so he is safe, but he meets this dwarf who tells him about some magic mushrooms that can bring his friend back to life. As you can guess, The Tall one goes on this mission to seek these mushrooms out. To tell you more about this film would expose this film for what it is and that is a long boring excuse to release a new film this month. The Jessica Simpson music cd had more comedic moments to it, than this film. This film was just from start to finish unforgivably bad and just so what is the word I am looking for, so absolutely lame.

2 out of 10-that is being far too generous.