Movie Review-Mold!


I originally saw Mold! in mid-2011, at first I did not get what all the hype was about. Now here we are two years plus later and the film is finally out on dvd, and I got to re-watch the finished product, and I really enjoyed it more this time around. The micro-debut effort from Neil Meschino is in a weird way the next coming of Frank Henenlotter. This film takes place in the Ronald Reagan era- the 1980’s when the war on drugs was in full swing. America has just created a weapon, a mold (called Stachybotrys Morte – Stachy Mort for short) to destroy plant life but wait till you see what it can do to a human being. When exposed to water it spreads, and can go airborne. One day while the labs are being visited by congressional leaders and military, the mold escapes containment, and the facility is under lock down. With the outside being guarded by armed military told to kill anything that leaves the building, it is up to our group to find a way to stop the mold and survive, which is easier said than done, when anyone could be infected. This is one of those films that I feel with repeated viewings can get better and better, I should know my first viewing I was not so high on it, but now I am starting to change my tune. The film is a slow burn and does take a little bit to get going but once it does the film does have so many cool gore moments and neat effects that may want to really get behind this film. Though, I am not going to say this is 10 out of 10, or film of the year, but as far as an indie film goes it was not that bad. The big positive to this film is that Wild Eye Releasing put their stamp on it and did a pretty damn good job with the transfer. I love the way this film ended, and I felt it wrapped the story up the way it needed to be wrapped up, and I am embracing the sci-fi feel of the film more this time because the first time I may not have been so open to this film. This is one of those times that I have to admit my original review I was wrong, and that I see now why so many people are hyping up this film. I will say my first time around I may have been on the proverbial rag or that I was not in the mood for the film, and tried to force myself to like it. This film is better the second time around, and I hope to see more and more from the Mold! crew. This is well worth a rental, but be patient and do not read into all the hype it may set your expectations too high, like I did my first time watching it.

8 out of 10