Movie Review-Mister White


Review-Mister White on the surface looks like just your everyday slasher film that revolves around college students being killed off by a myth or urban legend. It is what is under the surface of this film that will get your attention and give you something that propels this film above the everyday slasher film. Meet Tyler, he is an odd mix of Arnie Cunningham from Christine mixed with your ordinary goth kid with a speech impediment that gets picked on. It seems that Tyler has a crush on the popular girl in school that has stood up for him a lot Summer whose boyfriend is the main one who attacks and beats up on Tyler. When Scott finds out his girlfriend Summer had sex with Tyler before they dated, Scott becomes enraged and demands that Summer spits on Tyler while he is on the ground after being beaten up. Well, Summer does it reluctantly and that is the last straw for Tyler who visits a voodoo priestess who helps Tyler resurrect his invisible friend Mister White, who once was a sadistic madman who harmed and killed a lot of people. As you can guess, Mister White is out to stop the people who picked on Tyler and kill them all one by one.

This film is heavy on the storytelling, while the Tyler stuttering at times does get a little too much, that you feel they are working the viewer a little bit, the film is compelling and you will feel for Tyler for the most part. This film raises so many questions about violence and bullying, that with everything going on today in this society you will feel like the script was written while watching the local news. The bullying does get a bit too much and this film relies on those scenes to really get the viewer to feel that when Tyler gets his revenge it is justified. The problem I had with this is that while no one should ever be bullied that maybe Tyler was egging it on for them to attack him. If you have 5 guys who kick the shit out of you daily, would you go daily to where they hang out at just to provoke them to do it again? And why not carry a weapon to defend yourself? The characters all did their jobs perfectly; the bullies were hateful enough you wanted to see them get theirs but somehow when Tyler gets his revenge with Mister White, you just feel that was he really that helpless or hopeless to begin with.

When we get the Pumpkinhead inspired deal going with Mister White the film takes a drastic turn from storytelling to just all out gore. While I felt that was really well shot and delivered for the most part, I just wish that they would let Tyler continue being weak and not doing the Keith Gordon/ Christine thing and all of a sudden he is this new guy who is no longer the person he was earlier. This film has twists and turns throughout that I felt were fun and added elements to this film that really added some spunk to the depth of the characters. As far as a horror slasher film, the film delivers in the last 45 minutes to keep you guys smiling. As far as an overall film, it is flawed like I talked about in this review, but it was really a fun film as well. The film has enough underdog feeling to keep you wanting to watch Tyler get his revenge, but keep in mind the beatings do get a bit much at times and may be too realistic for some viewers. But, this is motion picture and the deal with a film is to take your mind and manipulate you and get you outside of yourself to experience something, and this film delivered on all those very well. I would love to see more from everyone involved in this little sleeper film, and I feel that this film with the right crowd could really get a lot of talk going.

8 out of 10