Movie Review-Love Sick Love


Review-Love Sick Love is a very dark and demented comedy. The film centers on Norman who is a very successful business man and also a successful womanizer. Norman is juggling two women and not serious about either of them. Dori who is one of the women who thinks Norman is in love with her because they been on a few dates and had a few intimate nights together decides to invite him for a weekend getaway. Norman reluctantly goes and gets more than he bargained for on this weekend. This beautiful woman that Norman has been playing with seems to be demented and has secrets she has not shared with him. We learn from the start of this weekend, that she is a mom of two kids and lives with her parents who are as twisted as she is. When Norman starts to leave, he is captured and now a prisoner forced to love Dori.
Think of this film as almost the comedy answer to The Loved Ones without the gore and in its place dark humor. While The Loved Ones was not a good film overall, this film was more throughout and fun. You are not really sure who to cheer on, as both of the characters are so fucked up that you feel in some odd way they are doomed to have this happen. Where this film really scores points is that they really give us characters that are so well built and a story that is so fascinating that we cannot turn away and want to see how it could all possibly end up. While the last thirty minutes felt so familiar to all films in this vein, the humor of the film just really kept the film watchable even when it was familiar. The supporting cast in this film I felt should have more to do, but they are decent in what they did offer. To see the whole family just unravel in your face and get more and more dark and insane, really made the film special. The film has its flaws like the pacing of the first half hour, but once the film started going it just kept you into the story. The purpose of the film is to paint guys in a bad light, but I felt the film also painted women in the same bad light. Where men do lie I guess, women are also liars and Dori in this film was not honest about anything to Norman but tried to paint herself as a victim. Another odd thing about this film is that Dori’s family in one weekend in June celebrate all the seasons, with them going thru Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day and Christmas in 3 days. As a whole this is a man vs woman little dark comedy for people who thought Very Bad Things was a fun film. While it was not that bloody, it was that demented. This is a fun film from Monarch that should be watched to be believed.

8 out of 10