Movie Review-Last Kind Words


Coming to Home Video May 21st

In horror blogging one thing is for sure, at least once a week we hear the buzz on a lot of horror films. While some of the films when we do finally get to watch them fail to live up to the hype, there are a select few that not only live up to the hype but surpass it. Let me introduce you to a supernatural ghost story that has a lot of bite to it. Last Kind Words, the buzz about this film is really loud and deservedly so. Word of mouth says that at Shriekfest this year it got a lot of people talking and praising it. Which when you think about it, a good horror film can get anyone talking about it but when you look at that line up this year that played you had Nailbiter, Mimesis and It’s in the Blood, and if any film can get buzz with those films playing at the same festival, it must be better than just a good film. I am here to tell you today, as much as I loved those films, this film was really good also. The film starts off with a young man and his dad in the woods hunting, the premise is innocent enough. When the kid breaks away from his dad to go hunting on his own is when this trip becomes more than he bargains for. The kid finds a tree and on this tree a dead body is hanging, when the kid goes to investigate the body hanging he sees something behind him and shoots it, well what he thought he saw did not exist and he finds out that he killed his father. From there, the film introduces us to young Eli who with his family goes back to the farm of his parents’ youth. Well one day he goes for a walk thru the woods and discovers a young little girl around his age named Amanda. Amanda is a mystery, he does not know where she came from or who she is really but he falls for her. Amanda warns him about a fence that is in the woods, that he should never cross it. Of course, you know with curiosity and kids if you tell them not to do it, they are even more prone to do it. Well, when he crosses the fence he finds out all the answers that he may have had about not only Amanda, but also his own family.

Brad Dourif, in the last two years has really re-established himself in the horror genre, with Death and Cremation he played the creepy Dexter Morgan like character that really showed how great an actor he truly is. With Last Kind Words he plays the creepy relative that you know there is more to him than you see on the surface, if there was no other reason to recommend this film, Brad’s performance makes me wonder why horror films do not have their own Academy Awards. With Lance in It’s in the Blood and now Brad in Last Kind Words, there are some seriously good actors in roles of their lifetime that will go unnoticed. The plot to this film is set to a slow and deliberate pace that it plays out more like reading a novel then going thru cliff notes. It builds up the scenes and reveals, where once you get there they mean so much as opposed to being thrown together. The horror element to this film is more thriller than anything else, every character and every situation in this film is just full of such depth, that the characters seem to have layers to who they are and the things Eli gets into are given to us in such detail that the director and writer wanted to just let this film play out like reading a mystery set against the backdrop of a family farm land in the middle of nowhere, with family secrets that we get to watch unfold one by one. This felt like the film M Night has been trying to make since the Sixth Sense. All in all, the film had an amazing script that was written from someone who really respects not only the genre but also wants to give the fans something fun and do it without dumbing them down. The characters in this film all seem to lead double lives, from Eli’s father who comes at first one way and we feel one way about him, then later on in the film when things start unfolding we actually understand more and feel for him. Eli’s mother who when her story is told, we feel for her and sympathize with what she has gone thru. Even, Waylon who is played by Brad whose character goes thru a different transformation as the film plays on. The romance between Eli and Amanda is played throughout as innocent young kids in love, where most films would have abandoned it and went for sleaze or trying to venture out, this film stuck with it and it made the film even more special as it played on.

This film deserves not only the buzz it is getting, but even louder buzz. In the era where more is more, and people need to be beaten down with blood and guts and everything has to so done to death and played out, it feels good that films like this exist and come along. It makes me wish that the mainstream crowds would acknowledge these films and even major studios. To know this film will only play some film fests and may get a limited screening here and there and eventually land on home video is a fucking shame and crime. This film I really think if it was promoted right could be in business like Paranormal Activity was. Here is my quote to sell this film to you; this is the best film you will not see this year, that you should.

8.5 out of 10