Movie Review-Fetish Dolls Die Laughing


Review-I know you guys and gals will see this title and have your mind made up before even reading one word. I will admit I felt the same thing till I hit the play button. Let’s get the favoritism out of the way upfront and I will be honest, I am a huge sucker for Tiffany Apan and I feel in the field of indie actresses these days who seem to pop up like weeds she stands out just for being so real, and have that girl next door look and personality. So to learn that she was involved in this film is like telling me the combination of the mint at Fort Knox, I am so in. Let’s get this out of the gate, this film is far from perfect but it is not as bad as it could have been. If you are going into this film looking for hardcore fetish or porn like stuff, you may as well not even bother. You get some fetish here and there but nothing to brag about. If you are going into this film for a gore boner or wet panties, you will also be letdown. This film opens us up to the concept of a “ tickle monster”. Now in the past few years, I have seen a killer tickling clown in Gitchy and now this, so I am to assume we may see Hollywood try to cash in on this tickling craze any day now. Adam is our main character and as the film opens we learn that Adam seen his babysitter attacked by this tickle monster and now that he is older, even though he knows it exists he tries to rationalize it, but still feels it exists when he is supposed to think it does not. Well Adam’s girlfriend is a cop and tends to go undercover a lot behind the department backs. Well, enter this weird egg named Billy who along with his wife runs this porn company that makes all its money on fetish videos. As the film plays on we learn that Billy is a huge pervert like most of us men and women these days and one of his major turn on is tickling feet. By chance when he tickles his wife one day he kills her, but he is let off scotch free because of how the death happened. Well Billy soon learns that his wife has been a lying bitch and hid money from him, well now all the money is his. Instead of caring about the money he wants to be the new Tickler. To be honest this film is nuts, and is so oddly bizarre that I found myself having more of a blast with this film than I will admit to. The shock to this film at times it plays like a decent little crime cop drama type deal. The stuff that involves the Tickler are right up a pervert’s alley, and goes way off the deep end in terms of just giving the viewer something different to talk about. The negative is easy, there really is no hardcore nudity or sleaze, that is what you expect from this film and it is so soft in those area. It is a tease, when you want more. I mean the audience it wants to reach will be turned off by the title, and the audience it does reach will want this far more in a Lucifer Valentine stage than this at times soft core. But, again I had fun and enjoyed this and feel that despite the title most film fans that want something unique in almost the Feed mode, will enjoy this for the most part.

7.5 out of 10