Movie Review-Ecstasy


Review-I am a huge fan of Trainspotting, I can even go so far as to say, I probably watched this film more than the most Christian person has been to church. I was stoked when I found out Irvine Welsh’s book Ecstasy was being made into a film. After watching this film, I am left to believe that Danny Boyle seems to be the only one who can really make the books feel just as important on the small or big screen. The problem with this adaptation of the Irvine book is not the actors and actresses; they really do their best with what they are given. This film suffers from a director who aimed too high and could not deliver. I am not sure who is to blame for this film being such a dud, me for having read the book and stoked about it, or the film for what it actually gave me? Since I am the blogger and I am never wrong(ha ha joke) let’s blame the movie. All jokes aside this film just loses so much in its small screen adaptation, and it is such a very poor delivered film based on a director who seems to be more concerned about trying to be someone then respecting the material it was adapted from. The original book this film was based off of is very adult and very different than what you are used to with film, unless you seen Trainspotting then you have a clue about what to expect. Many of the moments in the book were pretty hardcore and graphic that you know unless they were going for a XXX rating there is no way it can be filmed. This film is centered on druggie Lloyd, who is positive for the most part but his life is dressed up in negative situations like the one with his debt with a gangster named Solo. Which is only part of the problem, the other negative is his widowed father who has turned to the bottle to spend his last days. The story takes a turn when Lloyd meets Heather, and he starts to fall in love and wants to do more with his life. However all the people in his life do not see things that way, like Solo who along with the drug use and debt seem to be causing that road block. To be honest, every aspect of this film just feels like they were no one involved who really gave a shit aside from the actors who did try to work hard with what they were given. The sad part is what they were given to work with, it felt amateur almost as someone who is way out of his league. This film is a sin, to just capitalize on Irvine’s Welsh’s name to try and get people to watch this horseshit of waste. This film is a sad excuse to claim you made a film, and even a sadder claim that you have any kind of fucking talent.

3 out of 10