Movie Review-Diablo


Review-Diablo is one of those films that you do not watch to be entertained but much less sit there and endure just to see what can possibly happen next. This film was odd and a basic slow burn car wreck that kept my attention and was always keeping me wondering about what this film was about and where was it heading. Basically Diablo is about a former boxing star that kills a rival in the ring, as the film opens we learn that he has seen his better days come and go, and now he is left in this world that is almost of his own making. The film opens with some hope for this former celebrity as his ex-lover calls him and she wants to see him again. Our ex-boxer is just on top of the world till Hugo his cousin shows up in the film and he is bloodied up and been drinking. Marcos knows that he should not do it, but his kindness gets the better of him and he lets Hugo come inside. Well, when Hugo leaves a little bit after coming inside to get some more alcohol, two thugs come by and for some reason they torture Marcos. Well, as you can guess Marcos ends up killing both of them. From there the insanity continues as more people start to show up, and they all seem to be hunting down something and Marcos is in the dark like we are for the most part. So, Marcos decides to torture people to try and find out what they are looking for and why they are there. We find out as the movie plays on that they are looking for a liver for Hugo’s crime boss to survive, and that Hugo hid the liver in Marcos fridge, which leads to Marcos mistaken the liver for something else and eating it.

This film is a very indie low budget film, but it does have creativity galore. The characters even though the film is in subtitles were entertaining and so was the script. You really have fun watching this situation just get more and more absurd as you go on with this film. There is some smirk worthy moments, but most of this film is very dark and very brutally intense. This is one of those like Tommy Pistol that is destined to be some cult classic from Breaking Glass, the negative to this film is the slow pace in the start of the film, and how fast it shifted gears, it went from walk to run within seconds and expected us to follow. The film beside the flow issue, it also had an identity crisis moment or two in the film where you are unsure of what they are trying to be. These gripes are minor, but the major gripe about this film is that I felt the last twenty minutes tried so fast and hard to cram so much together to end, that they were afraid to try and stretch it out and leave us feeling more complete and having a good experience with the film. I will barely recommend this, maybe like a D but I say maybe rent this and see if this is for you. It is a tough watch at times, and at others it is a fair watch. I was just hoping that they would have went more over the top and maybe killed the slow pace and kept this at a fast pace like Dead/Alive meets Tommy Pistol.

6 out of 10