Movie Review-Dark Skies


Review-I am a believer that when sci-fi is done right, it is a very powerful subject that people are so torn about that they want a film that will help them with their case of believing or their unbelieving views are confirmed. Dark Skies is not a bad film, but I think people watching this film are going to be expecting more from this film than what it delivers. This film starts off with a premise that we have seen in a million other films that there is one family that seems to be targeted by some force. The force at times is either supernatural or haunting, that the family have children that seem to be what this force is after. That at the start the parents are skeptical and try to explain things that would drive any of us far away in seconds, and as the film builds the parents become believers. This film on the premise is not too far off. This film deals with extraterrestrials and instead of calling them aliens, they are referred to as the “greys”. The film to its credit, builds up to the suspense and intensity that when we get our first look at the grey and what the plan seems to be, we get a good little jump out of it. This film to its other positive tries to give us a well told story on this Barrett family whose life before this alien situation was not the best of times. Husband Daniel seems to be a victim of the recession as he is looking for a job to help out, Lacy is a real estate agent who is more honest than successful. They have two young sons who are going thru their own peer pressures, as the oldest is at that age when the world is all different, and he is into women and drugs, thinking now he is an adult and his little brother who looks up to him. Well the youngest son has nightmares about this character he knows as The Sandman, that when the Sandman visits him something goes wrong in the house, like things moving or unexplained happenings.
As the film goes on we learn that this imaginary being or nightmare is pretty real, and despite all the things this family is going thru they are forced to unite to save themselves from this being. This film is PG-13 but make no mistake about it, it has some disturbing images and scenes. Like when the beings start to mark the kids, and the neighbors who see the bruises and marks, and think that the kids are being beaten by their parents. While people are going to be comparing this film to films like Signs, which for the most part is fair, but to this film’s negative, the story base of this film is just so lame and really overly drawn out. People do not watch a film like this for the very slow burn it does deliver, they want to see something that is going to make their jaw drop or keep them glued to their chair. This film barely delivers on one of those, and does not deliver on the other. While the scare scenes were effective, they were so far and in between to really matter. All in all, this was a fair film and worth a rental. This film to me has zero watchablity and would not make me rush out and pay a blu ray price for it.

7 out of 10