Movie Review-Dark Circles


Review-The After Dark Originals are back with season 2 and they start this batch off with Dark Circles. The title refers to the sleep deprivation new parents Alex and Penny go thru when they retreat the city in favor of this country house. When they get to this new place, it seems their baby cannot sleep longer than 15 minutes and wakes up the whole house and will not go back to sleep. Well, with sleep deprivation our young couple seems to see things that may be real or not real. To give this film credit, they do cover the entire basis where the horror fan will not ask questions about why they did not do this or that. They try every means possible to keep the baby at ease, like even going so far as to hire a babysitter. The first hour of this film was solid, and really had the viewer on this deprivation journey where we the audience were trying to piece this film out as well. The issue with this film came from the last ten minutes and how they decided to give us the payoff to watching this film. For a movie that is built so smart and tried so hard to break some rules in horror to end this film so cheaply is a crime and such a shame. The characters for the most part were well scripted and did a great job with this deprivation and descent into insanity, where they were not even sure what day it was. The film is a slow burn but in the first hour it was effective and kept your attention, just to see how it can all go and what can happen when they go further and further into this cycle. The film has some suspense that seems Omen inspired, that I felt the nod was really fun and not so bad. This film tries to take the ghost film and put a twist to it, with the sleep deprivation that makes the viewers guess as to what is really going on and if we are also losing our minds in all this. Where the film suffers the most is that it did not know how to keep the momentum going and give us an ending that fit, they seem to go for the cheap way out and felt that the ending they gave would tie it all together in a way that felt lazy and uninspired. Usually with the After Dark films I always know if they start off strong, that most of them cannot finish that way and lose something towards the end. And this sadly is another example of a great concept that has a done to death watered down ending. I am left to think that I loved this film till they gave us that ending, and that ending almost promised me I would never watch this film again or go back to see if I was fair to it. I am sure this may be worth a rental just for the mood and feel that the first hour gives you, but you may want to shut it off and give up after the clock hits an hour and ten minutes, just assume you will know how this film can end you will be more happy.

7 out of 10