Movie Review-Cool Air


Review-I remember awhile back watching Chill which was a film based on the HP Lovecraft’s Cool Air short story. I felt the film was somewhat ok, but now we have yet another version of this HP Lovecraft story. This one was shelved for around 7 years and is now finally being released on video. Now before any of you guys jump to conclusions, Mandy Lane has sat on the shelf around that time as has Poughkeepsie Tapes, and those two films that I have witnessed at the movie theater were not that bad, and deserve to be released. To be honest right from the start, I am not sure about you guys and gals but how many adaptations of this story do we truly need? The differences between Chill and Cool Air beside the characters names are drastic but that is a positive for the most part. This time around the character is Charlie Baxter and he is a struggling screenwriter. He must have been part of the staff on this film. Well Charlie is looking for a place and finds this mansion in an isolated mountain. As the film goes on we watch Charlie in this room learning about what is going on in this mansion and a doctor who resides there as well and does these strange experiments. As he finds out more and more about what is going around the place, he is inspired to work on this screenplay. As he is working on this he suffers a heart attack and goes to see the doctor for treatment. When he awakens he is a cured man, but at a price. Again, the question about this film is how much life can you get out of this short story? While Chill had the name value for indie film buffs to get behind the film till watching it, this Cool Air is actually a better acted film and the pacing for this one is not as frantic as it was for Chill. The story has a flow that you just know they are trying to recreate a story that has been done and will be under scrutiny. This film was decent, it is no rush out and go see immediately film but if you see it in the redbox, it may be worth a grab. The acting was ok to a point, the story flowed nicely and the characters were very well acted and the story while it is done to death at least tried to feel fresh with this film. All in all, this is a safe bet for a rental on a night when nothing is on the television. The film still has a lot of flaws, and at times does get a bit boring but the story was easy enough to follow and ended good enough to recommend.

7 out of 10