Movie Review-Cars 3


Review-Cars III is not the sequel to the popular Pixar film, to my knowledge I am not sure if it is even a sequel to any film. Troma seems to know it hit a goldmine with Astron 6 and their vision so it seems to be spreading its wings further out and finding other old school gems that may not have made a big mark but got an internet community talking via social media or youtube. Bobby Hacker right now is one of those talents that people are buzzing about, but really not sure why. But, clearly his involvement with Birdemic 2 got Troma to maybe give his short a shot on home video. The negative to this right up front is that there is no blu ray release for this. Talk about a film that could have really been so much better on blu ray. This film revolves around an obnoxious used car salesman and his deal with the devil. The deal he must sell a used Topaz within an hour or his soul will perish in eternal damnation. As you can guess he is going to do anything to get that car sold. This film is funny enough, even though it is only 38 minutes long. The thing about this film, it just seems to revolve around one joke and that is his slogan or sales pitch of “Get out your Fucking Checkbook”. The film also does not have a low it will not stoop to try and offend the viewer, from heavy scenes involving feces to a excuse the pun but a devil may care attitude about who will get the film, or if they care at all anyone gets it. The thing about this film is even at 38 minutes it seemed to overstay its welcome, god what would have happened if they had to stretch this out to 90? The film was funny and strong for the most part in the opening 15 minutes, to me after that the film just got lost and struggled to keep going. The film has so much for me to recommend, it is gross to the point that you know they are trying their hardest to get under your skin. It is brutal, bloody and vicious. I liked some of the humor in the film, but as a whole I like some of the other shorts in the special features more than this one. I mean if you are a fan of Troma, you will love this dvd just for the sheer fuck it all attitude this film displays. But, if you have seen enough of Troma films over the years, this is just one of the many that they give us every now and then to show us they are still controversial in an era when what really is controversial anymore? I am going to give this a slight recommendation just because for your dollar you really get every penny out of the other shorts and some of Cars 3. As a whole this feels like the fallback plan now that Astron-6 seems to have soured on them. And for the one hundredth time, why do we still get those dumb, embarrassingly boring intros from Lloyd and Debbie? Seriously, if a joke is not funny the first time only an idiot would keep on and on telling that same unfunny joke. It is like bringing up a dead loved one to someone expecting them to finally laugh at it.

7 out of 10