Movie Review-Best of the Best: Without Warning


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Review-Phillip Rhee if anything else sure did milk his Tommy Lee character. What started as a flopped motion picture that found a life on home video: Best of the Best really were made for dimes to a dollar, and their video returns were reason enough to push out a few. Eric Roberts was part of the reason why people wanted to see the film, but the film quickly changed direction and also Rhee went into the directing chair for part 3 and what would be part IV and this review Without Warning. The blu ray quality of this is ok for the most part, I mean I never seen any of the Best of the Best films after one so for me, I wanted to see this and what I was missing all these years. Films like this are seen as guilty pleasures and with great reason; it takes the most dedicated fan of this type of action film to admit they watched it. I mean think about film in the 90’s, this is when Scream redefined horror for some fans, and when Blair Witch showed people that the internet is the future. This was also a time when you went to the movies first then shot by the video store to rent a handful of titles that never hit the theater. This is home video viewing at its most fun, this is just a simple, no frills solid action film that is so cheesy and over the top what is not to like about it. This is the old school thinking of the proverbial bad people vs good people. And words like plot and script are cuss words, but words like action and over the top nonsense are the normal. This film centers on a group of Russian baddies who pull off this heist, and they do all the things that you do when you make a big heist. They have in their possession a ton of money printing paper. They also have a disc that is used to help print the money. Well as you can guess, one of the people in this gang decides to quit, she steals the disc and goes to give it to her friend in the law. Well before she is killed she gives the disc to Tommy Lee. Well, now they are accusing him of killing the girl and he is on the run. Tobin Bell stars as the head of the baddies and the one out to stop Best of the Best main character. This film is just silly no nonsense fun, you get out of the movie what you put into it. I am a fan of all this old school direct to dvd action, and films like Best of the Best capture it. Whereas I think the Fast and the Furious franchise should have been direct to dvd just to end it faster, Best of the Best does boast the guts to really keep the main character in so many different stories that I am just shocked that they did not try to pull this out to double digits. All in all, this is a time killer and is not that bad.

7 out of 10

  • I have not seen the first film in so long…I did not know that thank you so much TJ…

  • Did you know in part one we have a unmasked Kane Hodder? I think it’s his first time on camera. He is the guy who accidently punches his girl friend while trying to punch Sean Penn’s fat brother…