Movie Review-Battle Earth


Review-I remember in the video boom we used to get so many direct to dvd titles that you knew what you were getting into and still wanted to get into it, just to see how bad the film can get and have fun with it. Today’s films when they are bad are so unwatchable and terrible that there is not even a bad film fun to them. Battle Earth is a prime example of a film that is far worse than this review can tell you it is. I review films to help them, promote them but some films I get to see are more of a waste of my time and just require way too much of me to make it thru them, and this film in the first five minutes I wanted to shut it off badly and call it a day. At the twenty minute mark, I was shocked that this film got made and much less distributed; at the hour mark I was ready to call the suicide prevention hotline just to shoot the shit. This film only was made as a door opening experience for all involved to move on to bigger and better things, I mean after this even doing a mall opening can seem like a huge improvement. Welcome to the new Earth I suppose, and civilization in this small budget film has been wiped out for the most part. There are a few fighters left who are always ready to go into the battleground who want to retake this planet from the aliens who seem to taken over. The film revolves around Baker, as him and his partners are in a helicopter shot down over enemy territory. Their cargo is this package that is for high command, and they want to use this to combat the aliens. I will go on about what this cargo does as that may spoil this film for those who want to see it. Why you would escapes me other than you wanting to waste your money. This film has Baker during all this going on and on about his unfaithful girlfriend, which I guess is used in this film as an emotional device so we can relate to his character. I mean, we all have unfaithful lovers and trying to fight off an alien attack daily we can sympathize. This film just suffers from a script that feels more like run on sentences and sequences that go on further than they should. To draw comparisons to Predator, District 9 or even Full Metal Jacket would be a joke. The only thing they have remotely in common is you can buy or rent them all. This film has boring characters, and just is such a waste of time that I feel the more I attack it; I could get arrested for a hate crime. This film and all involved knew how bad this was and they should really feel like criminals for trying to rip off the movie going public. To rate this film on a scale of one to ten is almost too easy, to find anything positive about this experience is a little harder for me. Well, here is a positive I watched it and know that I will not ever see it again.

0 out of 10