Movie Review-A Haunting at Silver Falls


Review-This film seems to be ahem…”inspired by a chilling true story”. Before we get to the actual film review let me also say, this is a low budget film. You know this film can go one of two ways, it will be one of those films that will inspire the genre or one that you know will require a lot of you to get thru it. I will say right now, this film fits one of those categories perfectly. I will spoil and just say it, this film is awful. The storytelling in this film range from the dead slow to the where is the remote right now, the characters range from the bland and non-caring to the eye rolling dumb that you almost hope something would happen just to get them off screen. This film is the second film I have reviewed tonight that deal with twin sisters, what a coincidence, I should have held out for my review of American Mary and did a trio. This film seems to thrust us into a story of Jordan, who due to some tragic events that us the viewer really do not know too much about now lives with her Aunt. Jordan goes to Silver Falls and finds herself having visions of the twin sisters who were killed by their own father we are to believe. Jordan then tries to convince anyone that they exist, and she thinks the one who murdered the twins is still alive. This film tries to abandon the normal ghost scaring teen formula and tries to add suspense, intrigue and mystery to the formula. This film for all the negatives I have said so far and will say, at least tried to be an alternative. This film does not really give you anything until the hour mark which for a film that clocks in at a little over 90 minutes is not a good sign, right Ti West. This film while trying to be an alternative does fall into the same traps that all these indie stories seem to fall into when it tries too hard, it ultimately loses its identity and fails. This film tried to play out like a play or maybe a novel, and it failed to keep me intrigued enough to want to follow the story or care what happens next. This film was as deep as a teardrop, and the based on a true story deal gets so old and is almost a huge red flag as to why true horror fans get worried more and more these days. All in all, this is a waste of time and I guess was made just for the simple fact that the people involve can have a resume builder and can get that imdb credit. My advice is this is all growing pains, you learned what works and what does not so I hope by the next film that maybe you can turn it around. Oh well, at least Toy Collector is on my dvr so not all is lost.

2 out of 10