Movie Review-A Good Day to Die Hard


Coming to Home Video on June 4th

Review-Bruce Willis is back to reprise the role of John McClane in the 5th Die Hard film. I must not have been paying attention over the years, when did the Die Hard franchise start to feel like just your ordinary dumb action film? There is nothing in this film that even resembles any of the magic and fun of the original, or at least the first two sequels which to me were decent and fun in their own way. This film shows you how tired and exhausted this franchise is. To be perfectly honest, this film is a piece of shit. This time around NYPD’s own John McClane is on his way to Russia to free his son when he thinks his son got in bad trouble and is in jail. When he gets to Russia he learns different as his son Jack is a spy out to protect a prisoner who has a valuable file that the baddies want badly. As you can guess we have all those car chases and over the top action sequences and even more so the over the top fight sequences. The first half hour of this film revolves around a chase, you have Jack and the prisoner going down the freeway being chased by the baddies who are being chased by McClane. I mean, the man did not even get off the plane from America to Russia and he is already part of a massive block wide explosion and going 100 down an interstate and jumping off an intersection to another one with no problem. Get this, the whole time all this is going on, there are no police around and not one person on the interstate is moving or getting the hell off of it. You just feel all the people involved with this film can give a damn, and it shows. They do not give us too much back-story as why the father and son do not get along, but you know with this film and films like this that by the end they will change all that. That was the other bad problem with this film is that it is so predictable and over the top ridiculous that you just feel you are watching a cartoon more than a film. The emotional depth we get is when Bruce Willis tells his son, “I love you boy”..and the son has this dramatic pose like he is Daniel Day Lewis and says some lame ass “me too”. And we are supposed to buy that. The sad thing is that they are already penning the Die Harder film for 2015, which means they think that you the movie-going fans since the majority were smart to skip it at the box office that you will rush out to buy this on dvd and blu ray. If you are curious, rent it because after ten minutes of this horrible crap, your curiosity will be satisfied and pissed off at you for renting it.

3 out of 10