Metal Review: Zombie Inc. | Homo Gusticus (2013)

Zombie Inc. Homo GusticusAustrian Zombie Inc. featuring Wolfgang Rothbauer (Disbelief, Godhatecode) and Martin Schirenc (ex-Pungent Stench, Hollenthon) is back with their sophomore effort “Homo Gusticus.” As you would expect from bands of this ilk, their latest effort does not stray far from the path that they started out on with their debut effort “A Dreadful Decease.”

The album opens with The Rocking Dead, which is a rocker of sorts with some catchy elements alongside those deep, raspy vocals and almost-silly lyrics. The follow-up track, Cum Undone, may just push the silliness past the edge, but it is still a fun song. From track to track, Zombie Inc. keeps the silliness and fun going.

Homo Gusticus” has plenty of riffs and fun moments, but may be missing that charm that was presented with “A Dreadful Decease.” I will say that I have been loving this release though, so I may change my mind on that one soon.

Overall, “Homo Gusticus” is another fun release from Zombie Inc. It would be nice to see a few more tracks because, at just over 37 minutes, the album is ultra-short, but is still worthy of a place in your collection.

Homo Gusticus Track Listing:
1. The Rocking Dead
2. Cum Undone
3. Bust the Foodchain
4. Homo Gusticus
5. E=MCarnage2
6. With the Mob
7. Yeshua Syndrome
8. Better Off Dead
9. Resurrection Guaranteed
10. All Corpses Are Bastards