Metal Review: Sacrilegious Impalement | III – Lux Infera (2013)

Sacrilegious Impalement III - Lux InferaFinnish Sacrilegious Impalement will release their third effort, entitled “III – Lux Infera,” on May 31, 2013 through Woodcut Records. The album follows the critically acclaimed “II – Exalted Spectres,” released in 2011. This all-analog recording has a big sound with plenty of dynamics and some great guitar tones.

Songs like the happy-sounding Down for Grim Lord show the band’s depth in tone and ability to shift gears mid-track at the drop of a dime. Between the melodic riffs and blastbeats, this is one of the better black metal songs that I have heard all year. Heck, it even has a guitar solo in it. The outro to the track is just intense.

Those familiar with Sacrilegious Impalement will not be surprised to hear that their brutal savagery has been continued with “III – Lux Infera.” The atmosphere is still all there and each song paints a nice portrait that the user can envision while being engrossed in the album. The chaotic, frenetic pace of each track does not detract from the atmosphere painted on the album either.

III – Lux Infera Track Listing:
1. Angel Graves
2. Down for Grim Lord
3. Scars for Scarred Ones
4. For Sins of the Pigs
5. Through Punishing Gates
6. Behead the Infants of God
7. Regain the Dormant Realm
8. His Gift Embodied
9. Deliverance from Unknown