Metal Review: Power Trip | Manifest Decimation (2013)

Power Trip Manifest Decimation

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Texas crossover band Power Trip is set to release one of the most anticipated crossover albums in recent times with their debut effort “Manifest Decimation.” Power Trip has been making waves locally in Texas for a little bit now, and they feel that it is time that everyone gets to hear their classic sound on June 11, 2013 on Southern Lord.

I will put it out there right away. It takes a very strong effort for anything hardcore to get me excited, but Power Trip has something special. The tracks on “Manifest Decimation” smartly make use of some shredding thrash metal riffs and tones. This is a definite throwback to classic thrash metal and we can all tip our caps to that one.

There are so many strong songs on their debut release, but perhaps none as strong as Crossbreaker with its straight thrash tones and solids riffs. Another solid example of a track is Conditioned to Death.

Overall, “Manifest Decimation” is not a release to be missed for fans of bands like Nuclear Assault and Cro-Mags. While the vocals are not the best out there, they do not detract from the songs too much,