Metal Review: Noisem | Agony Defined (2013)

Noisem Agony DefinedThe Baltimore-based quintet Noisem, formerly known as Necropsy, weave a nice combination of raw ’80s thrash metal with early ’90s death metal that reminds me of bands like Pestilence, Cannibal Corpse and Possessed. Sounds nice, does it not? The other thing to note about this band getting set to release their full-length debut “Agony Defined” on A389 Recordings is that the band members range in age from 15-20. Not too shabby at all.

It is hard to believe that a band not old enough to play in a lot of bars in the U.S. are showing so much experience and precision with their debut release, but “Agony Defined” is more than some teenagers playing in their parents’ garage. This is a band of musicians that have something special to offer.

Overall, Noisem is definitely doing something right and I am very excited to hear more from them.

Agony Defined Track Listing:
1. Voices in the Morgue
2. Birthing the Bestial
3. Desire and Disgust
4. Mortuary
5. Rotten Remains
6. Severed
7. Split From the Inside Out
8. Chronic Dementia
9. Agony Defined