Metal Review: Negator | Gates to the Pantheon (2013)

Negator Gates to the Pantheon

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Fronted by Dark Funeral vocalist Nachtgarm, Germany’s Negator is back with their fourth album entitled “Gates to the Pantheon.” When you mention Dark Funeral, you can expect that Negator will be an intense project and based on Negator’s previous body of work, you know that their latest release will be heavy and dark.

From the outset of the album, with Epiclesis, Negator comes out of the proverbial gate with an explosion of violence and power. The unrelenting attack is no less forceful with the following track, Bringer of War, which is one of the best on the album. Negator does expand their dynamic sound though on songs like Serpent’s Court where the band is not afraid to switch gears on you.

Overall, if you have heard Negator’s work in the past, you will be more than content with “Gates to the Pantheon,” and if you have not, then shame on you.

Gates to the Pantheon Track Listing:
1. Epiclesis
2. Bringer of War
3. Last Sermon
4. Serpents Court
5. Nergal, The Raging King
6. Carnal Malefactor
7. The Urge For Battle
8. Atonement in Blood
9. Revelation 9:11